CLOOS 21 Axis Master/Slave Robot System – Tandem & Single Wire

21 axis, master/slave CLOOS robot system to weld paver frames.

• Two CLOOS Romat 350 welding robots with each robot having 2.0 meters (6.5 Ft.) of vertical travel length, 3.0 meters (9.85 Ft.) of horizontal travel length and 13.0 meters (42.65 Ft.) of linear travel on an overhead mounted gantry
• Positioning equipment consists of a synchronized motor driven 5,098 Kg. (11,236 Lbs.) head and tailstock. The tailstock also has an additional motor to position the tailstock to accommodate for various parts and their different lengths from 3.5 meters (11.45 Ft.) to 6.0 meters (19.68 Ft.)
• Each robot is equipped with two CLOOS Quinto II 603, 600 amp pulse power sources and an automated torch changer to change from single to tandem wire welding
• Multi-pass tandem and single wire welding software to make programming of multi-pass welds more efficient
• SD (Seam Data Monitoring) in the welding machine to eliminate rework by monitoring weld data of each seam while welding
• Digital seam tracking that can be used with tandem or single wire without limitations
• Touch sensing
• Fully programmed offline programs using CLOOS offline programming software to reduce start up time at the customer and to get the system into production without online programming delays