10 Axis CLOOS Welding System for Rear Frames – Single & Tandem

• CLOOS Romat 310 welding robot with 1.0 meter (3.2 Ft.) of vertical travel and 4.0 meters (13.12 Ft.) of linear travel on a floor-mounted linear track
• Positioning equipment consists of a synchronized motor driven 1,529 Kg. (3,372 Lbs.) 2 axis tilt/turn positioner
• Two CLOOS Quinto pulsed arc power sources to eliminate spatter
• Automated torch changer to change from single to tandem wire welding equipment
• Digital seam tracking that can be used with tandem or single wire without limitations
• Touch sensing
• The robot and all external axes are fully synchronized so that the part can be placed and the optimum position for welding is maintained
• Seamless integration of CLOOS only components