Engineering Services

Cloos Factory Planning

Factory Planning / Lean Manufacturing Solutions

CLOOS provides manufacturing concepts for lean manufacturing lines. Parameters like material flow, subassembly definition, manual / automatic welding stations and material transportation are considered in these studies.

Cell configurations that facilitate one piece flow in one direction, easy visual management, reduced travel, reduced work in process, storage for line side parts, additional stations to allow load / unload time to be buried in the weld process reducing non-value time, post weld operation to be completed prior to unloading avoiding “double handling” are some of the design parameters we use to create the optimum solution for your automation needs.

Video Simulations

Video Simulations / Reach Studies

With CLOOS’ RoboPlan software, we provide computer-generated reach studies during the concept phase of each potential project. Challenging areas on a work piece can be identified early and addressed in collaboration with the customer prior to commissioning.

Cylce Time Studies

Cycle Time Studies

CLOOS can provide cycle time studies based on customer supplied CAD models and weld drawings. These studies assist in the intelligent planning of future manufacturing and can be beneficial in the internal justification process and ROI analysis.

Fixture Design and Build

Fixture Design and Build

As part of our full-service, complete turnkey solution, CLOOS can include welding fixtures for your project. Manual, pneumatic or hydraulic clamping, quick fixture change devices, media feed through for automatic fixture control, implemented sensors for clamp open/close as well as part present sensors can be implemented into the design of the fixtures.