Welding Equipment (QINEO®)

The new generation of welding power sources for manual and automated applications.


QINEO® are the high-quality welding power sources by CLOOS which have been developed specifically for commercial and industrial welding purposes. They meet every demand of manual and automated welding. Moreover the modular QINEO® system allows individual solutions which can be adapted to your specific production requirements and objectives. From capacity class to special equipment, each QINEO® is customized and supplemented by a comprehensive accessories program and matching services. With highest availability, shortest delivery times and best quality QINEO® welding power sources offer you considerable economical advantages.


Modular construction

The configuration possibilities of QINEO® are as flexible as the welding applications are versatile.

Weld your way

This is guaranteed by the logical modular product concept. From capacity class to additional equipment, each individual QINEO® is specifically manufactured. The well ordered structure saves a great deal of time during maintenance and also simplifies upgrades and retrofits: so that in future you are able to weld as precisely as your job requires.


QINEO® Pulse

More power for pulsed arc welding


Quantum leap in high-tech welding