QIROX® Welding Robot (QRH)

QIROX® Welding Robot Classic (QRC)

With a hollow shaft in the wrist

The QIROX® welding robots with a hollow shaft in the wrist (QRH) have the wire drive unit integrated in the robot arm. In contrast to the traditional models, the cable assembly with welding wire feed, the control and sensor cables as well as the power supply and the shielded gas supply do not run along the sixth axis as usual but right through it. The advantage: even in very complex movements, the cable assemblies lie protected inside, they cannot get entangled around the front robot axis and are well protected from abrasion. Along with great freedom of movement, you benefit above all from the significant wear reduction and the increased process safety.

Qirox Welding Robots QRH

Integrated wire drive unit

An integrated wire drive unit in the robot arm, in contrast to traditional models