QIROX® Welding Robot Classic (QRC)


Best quality with higher productivity

With its optimized design and the use of innovative technology, the new generation of QIROX® welding robots offers the shortest acceleration and deceleration times as well as particularly high offset speeds. Despite their enormous dynamics, the systems operate very precisely and, thanks to the exact conversion of the sensor data, they deliver a repeatability of less than 0.1 mm with workpiece tolerances. The convincing seam shapes show impressive welding quality.

Less weight with enhanced stability

The CLOOS engineers, using a biometric method, have developed a completely new design for the QIROX® welding robots. Every detail was newly calculated and optimized on the basis of extensive measurement and testing series. In this process, materials and, therefore, weight was saved wherever possible. This resulted in considerably leaner and lighter geometries with enhanced stability. In practice, this leads to improved dynamics and higher efficiency because the QIROX® welding robots can perform all movements faster and in a more flexible manner. In addition, the size of the interference contour could be reduced and the accessibility of the components improved.

QIROX® Robot Classic (QRC)

  • Highest flexibility because of an optional seventh axis
  • For floor or overhead mounting