QIROX® Controller

Qirox Controller

Robot QIROX® Controller

The QIROX® Controller offers the advantages of software that has been developed specifically for the requirements of welding technology. It is based on high-capacity components of a standard PC processor. A digital drive system with high and distributed computing power ensures a dynamic movement and high path precision of the robot during welding. The core of the controller is a high-performance 32-bit industrial PC with the capacity to simultaneously control seven internal robot axes and up to twelve external peripheral axes.

Numerous extra functions

In addition to the software functions commonly used in the industry, there are a number of options available such as 3D transformation, generation of spatial points via program command, TCP-transformation, multi-layer programming, comfortable weld parameter administration, master/slave operation as well as seam tracking and sensor functions. More comprehensive options are available with the combination of the CLOOS offline programming software ROBO-PLAN and the Remote Service Manager (RSM).

Simple programming

The teach pendant (PHG) permits input of all data necessary for the welding process in a simple way, via a keyboard with 30 keys connected to a clear 8.4″ TFT display with a touch-screen. Alternatively, a PC, independent of the controller, can also be used for this purpose. The simple and fast programming of the QIROX® controller brings enormous time and cost advantages. All prerequisites are available for connection to the offline programming system ROBO-PLAN with various advantages for the programming phase. The additional software CAROLA-EDI, which runs on the commercially available PC platforms under Microsoft Windows®, can be used optionally, independent of the robot controller, for program management and changing.

QIROX® Controller advantages

  • High path precision thanks to the short interpolation cycle
  • Fast, exact conversion of the sensor information
  • Digital and high dynamic control of all axes (internal, external)
  • Process reliability by the use of robust standard components
  • Operating system with multitasking capability designed specially for welding processes
  • Open system with commonly used standard interfaces


Various storage options

A 1 MB working memory where up to 64 programs can be stored simultaneously enables large and complex welding programs to be edited. Archiving takes place by means of a USB memory stick and optionally by an integrated hard drive or – together with the additional CAROLA-EDI software – on the network. In addition,
the controller offers comprehensive support for all functions when generating programs and operation via the “online help” feature, which is integrated in the software.

Simulation solution

The QIROX® Controller control is oriented to the requirements of the simulation. All processes are controlled by an industrial PC consisting of easily exchangeable standard components. The components are clearly arranged, protected from contamination, easily exchangeable and are mounted in a robust system cabinet. When fault finding on the PC, replacing defective components or carrying out upgrades, the individual printed circuit boards can be quickly and easily removed from the racks and then reinserted. This all contributes to increased reliability and lower maintenance costs.