Robots (QIROX®)

Qirox Welding Robots

Faster, more dynamic, more flexible

Welding robots at the top of the international class

As one of the leading specialists in the development and manufacturing of high-value welding robots for demanding industrial applications, CLOOS uses its decades-old know-how for continuous development. Thanks to the integration of innovative technologies, the new generation of QIROX® welding robots offers additional customer value and production advantages. Among the particular highlights are the complete revision of the product design and the introduction of an optional seventh axis. Both innovations contribute to a considerable increase in the flexibility and dynamics of the QIROX® welding robot. As a result, the automated welding processes can be configured in a clearly more efficient manner.

Plus factors… for increased productivity

  • Higher dynamics and weight reduction due to a leaner product design with rounded ergonomic forms
  • Highest flexibility in the equipment by modular design of the mechanical aspects of the robots
  • Optional seventh axis for expanding the operation field and optimal positioning of the welding torches
  • Less wear and improved, more user-friendly operation via optimized cables, plugs and motor protection
  • Best processing quality due to a high repeatability
  • High offset speeds reduce the cycle times
  • The proven CLOOS quality ensures a particularly high service life and long maintenance intervals
  • Systems oriented towards the production requirements, including adequate hardware and software


Qirox Welding Robots Modularity

Many variants from one kit

The brilliant factor of the QIROX® system is the modular design of the mechanics. All components of the welding robot – from the robot base to the axial tube – are perfectly adjusted to each other. By using different components, a customized welding robot can be generated for every production requirement.

3 Capacity Classes, 2 Lines of Products, 2 Installation Options

The QIROX® welding robots are available in three capacity classes: QIROX® 320, 350 and 410. Depending on the requirements, you can decide for the classic line QIROX® Robot Classic (QRC) or for a hollow shaft (QRH) model. The two lines of products are designed both for floor and for overhead mounting and can be combined with different CLOOS sensors or changing systems. Thus optimum solutions for the most diverse welding processes and production environments can be realized.

Innovations for more efficiency

The new generation of QIROX® welding robots. Thanks to the optimized design, the modular structure with an optional seventh axis and the improved cabling management, you benefit from enhanced dynamics, more flexibility and further increased reliability. With that, QIROX® sets a new standard for innovative welding technology and configures the production processes with maximum efficiency.

QIROX® Welding Robot Classic

Best quality with higher productivity. Less weight with enhanced stability.
qirox welding robots qrh

QIROX® Welding Robot (QRH)

With a hollow shaft in the wrist. Integrated wire drive unit.

QIROX® 7th Axis

The new range – with seventh axis. Innovations for more efficiency.