QIROX® Compact Systems

For medium-sized and more complex workpieces

For workpieces with medium size and weight you can select from eight QIROX® Compact Systems with different clamping lengths and loads from 2,500 up to 5,000 N. CLOOS also has the right solution available for more complex workpieces: to achieve an optimum torch position with component lengths of up to 3,000 mm, the robots are mounted in an inverted position on a C-frame.

  C10 C20 C30
Load per station, N 2500/7500/10000 2500/5000 5000/7500
Peripheral equipment
Robot mounting Floor Floor Floor
Positioner Two station rotary positioner 2 rotary positioners integrated in H frame on rotary positioner 2 rotary positioners integrated in H frame on rotary positioner
Suitable tool size, mm 1000 x 500 – 2000 x 800 Ø 1000 x 1600 x 1250-2000 up to Ø 1600 x 3000
  C40 C50 C60
Load per station, N 2500/5000 2500/5000 2500/5000
Peripheral equipment C-frame
Robot mounting Floor Floor Overhead
Positioner 2 rotary positioners integrated in H frame on quick rotary positioner Orbit rotary positioner Orbit rotary positioner
Suitable tool size, mm Ø 800 x 1500 Ø 1000 – 1600 up to Ø 1600

Welding equipment

  • The newest generation of QINEO® welding power sources with a capacity of 300, 450 or 600 Amps
  • Wide range of special welding torches with different geometries
  • CLOOS Duo Drive, additional wire drive unit directly at the welding torch for perfect welding results


  • Touch sensor: via gas shroud or tracer pin as an option
  • Arc sensor: dynamic control of the welding torch position to optimise the weld seams
  • Offline and online laser sensors for seam measuring or seam tracking

Software for robot control

  • Point editor: for quick generation and change of points
  • Parameter interpolation: Optimum weld due to continuous change of the weld parameters in relation to the travel distance
  • Freely programmable weaving patterns
  • Multi-pass technology
  • Transformation: for an easy program transfer to other stations


  • Extraction hoods incl. internal lighting
  • Wire drum accessories
  • High-pressure air blast
  • Tool measurement
  • Torch change system

User software

  • RoboPlan Offline programming system
  • CarolaEdi Offline editor for program generation and maintenance
  • PDM Process Data Monitoring
  • UMS QIROX® Controller user administration
  • RSM Remote Service Management
  • QDM QINEO® Data Manager

QIROX® Compact Systems