QIROX® Compact Cells

Ideal for welding small parts

QIROX® Compact Cells set the standard for welding small parts. The compact design enables compact cells to be transported on a flat bed truck – alleviating the need for time consuming assembly.

Individual solutions for individual workpieces

Optimum solutions are available for all the varied requirements of loading, mounting surface and weight which will ensure optimum processing quality and short cycle times. Each QIROX® Compact Cell is tested before delivery. Commissioning time is therefore extremely short: just connect the electrics, compressed air and shielding gas – and start welding.

  Z1 Z2 Z3
Positioner Manual rotary table Claming plate, divided in two stations 2ds 2 rotary positioners
Load per station, N 1000 1500 2500
Clamping surface per station,mm 1000 x 700 900 x 600 700 x 650
Time for station change Manually by operation Manually by moving the door Manually by moving the door
Dimensions, mm (length/width/height) 4590 x 2150 x 2000 3900 x 2150 x 2000 4590 x 2150 x 2000
Weight, kg, approx Approx. 2700 Approx. 2800 Approx. 3000
Safety technology Locking of the rotary tables as long as the robots moves, atiglare device and service door Sliding door, atiglare device and service door Sliding door, antiglare device and service door
  Z4 Z5 Z6
Positioner Two station rotary positioner with optional tailstock Motor-driven two station rotary positioner Two station rotary positioner Orbit for small workpieces
Load per station, N 1200 – 2500 5000 1000
Clamping surface per station,mm ø 800 x 1000 650 x 400 ø 600
Time for station change Automatically in less than 2 sec. Automatically in less than 2 sec. Approx. 3 sec.
Dimensions, mm (length/width/height) 5735 x 2100 x 2160 4250 x 2150 x 2000 5770 x 2000 x 2160
Weight, kg, approx Approx. 2800 Approx. 2900 Approx. 3000
Safety technology Light barrier, antiglare device and service door Light barrier, antiglare device and service door Light curtain, antiglare device and service door

Welding equipment

  • The newest generation of QINEO® welding power sources with a capacity of 300, 450 or 600 Amps
  • Wide range of special welding torches with different geometries
  • CLOOS Duo Drive, additional wire drive unit directly at the welding torch for perfect welding results


  • Touch sensor: via gas shroud or tracer pin as an option
  • Arc sensor: dynamic control of the welding torch position to optimise the weld seams
  • Offline and online laser sensors for seam measuring or seam tracking

Software for robot control

  • Point editor: for quick generation and change of points
  • Parameter interpolation: Optimum weld due to continuous change of the weld parameters in relation to the travel distance
  • Freely programmable weaving patterns
  • Multi-pass technology
  • Transformation: for an easy program transfer to other stations


  • Extraction hoods incl. internal lighting
  • Wire drum accessories
  • High-pressure air blast
  • Tool measurement
  • Torch change system

User software

  • RoboPlan Offline programming system
  • CarolaEdi Offline editor for program generation and maintenance
  • PDM Process Data Monitoring
  • UMS QIROX® Controller user administration
  • RSM Remote Service Management
  • QDM QINEO® Data Manager

QIROX® Compact Systems