Pre-Engineered Robot Systems

The economic way to weld

In order to achieve optimum and economic welding of any workpiece, CLOOS has developed an extensive range of compact robot systems. They do not require much space and can be easily integrated into any production environment. From sensors to controller each compact cell or compact system is a tailor-made unit with components manufactured to match each other perfectly. With their large variety of welding processes, extensive options and complementary services, CLOOS can offer you the perfect solution for all of your automated welding needs.

Plus factors … for increased productivity

  • Optimum solution for any workpiece: due to the comprehensive standards and individual options
  • Excellent efficiency due to optimum product quality and perfectly matched components
  • Minimal downtime from maintenance and repair work
  • Easy integration into any production environment
  • Short commissioning times due to pre-assembly and run-off tests
  • High productivity thanks to parallel work stations
  • Low space requirement due to compact design
  • One contact for development, project management, production and service

QIROX® Compact Cells

QIROX® Compact Cells set the standard for welding small parts.

QIROX® Compact Systems

For workpieces with medium size and weight you can select from eight QIROX® Compact Systems with different clamping lengths and loads.