Tool Changing System

In order to increase the utilization ratio of the QIROX® welding robot systems, CLOOS has developed a tool changing system. It permits the application of different welding methods, such as TIG, MIG/MAG or Tandem Weld, one after another on one or different workpieces. However, the changes to a tack gripper, a stud welding device, a gripper or a plasma cutting torch are variants which are often in use.

Greater choice, more working steps

Any number of tools can be integrated in the robot equipment. Both the range of processable workpieces and the possible working steps per workpiece are considerably expanded by combining the tools. One storage station per tool and the coupling module mounted on the robot flange make the changing possible.

Mechanical clamping process

The precise, mechanically activated clamping process is distinguished by its reliability and its excellent repeatability. The mechanical compulsory locking is pneumatically released during change. Only the clamping device remains at the flange of the robot after deposition of the tool. The tool is identified by an inductive proximity switch.

Other accessories

  • Anti-collision sensor
  • Measurement system with wire cutter

Advantages & benefits … for the user

  • Increased utilization ratio of the robot equipment by applying various welding methods
  • Increased flexibility when processing the workpieces
  • Automatic exchange process without time-consuming manual procedures
  • Considerable reduction of the setup times
  • System change with closed energy conduit