Tactile Gas Nozzle Sensor

Start and/or end point exactly located

The start point and the contour of the weld seam play a special role in automated robot welding. Although the positions are defined by the relevant program which controls the robot, deviations occur in practice due to inaccurate settings or workpiece tolerances. In order to quickly and accurately compensate for these deviations, the CLOOS tactile gas nozzle sensor checks the start and/or end positions and corrects the programmed welding path correspondingly. Furthermore, the tactile gas nozzle sensor can be combined with the arc sensor.

Measuring the seam volume

If both positions are defined, the linear run of the weld seam is determined automatically. In the case of a V seam, the tactile CLOOS gas nozzle sensor also measures the seam volume according to the same principle. After saving the information in the user program, the robot fills the seam along the optimized path. The main advantage is a perfect welding result as a basis for reliable quality.

Electro-mechanical detecting principle

The CLOOS tactile sensor uses the torch gas nozzle or a separate tracer pin to determine the start and/or end position. The robot moves the torch along the programmed seam tracking section. If the gas nozzle or the tracer pin touches the workpiece, a current flows, the robot stops and the position is stored. In order to define the X, Y and Z coordinates exactly the workpiece is approached from three directions.


Advantages … for more productivity

  • No interference from attached parts (except when using a tracer pin)
  • Direct integration into the user program