Offline programming for QIROX® robots


ROBO-PLAN is the Offline programming system for QIROX® robots. As an easy to learn and effective instrument with extensive functions it assists the user in the specific implementation of automated welding tasks.

The basis for optimum production is an efficient process flow and optimum use of the operating equipment. Downtime due to modification work or time-consuming tests must be reduced to a minimum. The ROBO-PLAN Offline programming system with its outstanding features can help you achieve this.

  • You can generate or modify your production program on the PC without loss of time and take existing component data from many common CAD systems. You will be able to manage your robot programs easily.
  • All workflows and optimizations can be simulated on the PC while your system is producing, including of course collision testing and using the additional PLC functions.
  • Feasibility studies can be generated with ROBO-PLAN and cycle times and program run times determined without interrupting the manufacturing process.
  • You can benefit from libraries containing your components, process data and macros. Recurrent tasks will be completed even more efficiently.
  • Special functions such as the user-friendly gravity position function or the use of a laser sensor will significantly improve the quality of your work.

Data transfer

After a successful Offline test, the program code generated by ROBO-PLAN is transferred via USB stick or CLOOS CAROLA network to the relevant QIROX® welding robot controller.