ROBO-MOD System modeling – fast and easy

The basis for programming with ROBO-PLAN is the modeling of the system environment as a CAD model for current or planned welding tasks. The generation and adaptation of the system layout can be done easily and quickly with the ROBO-MOD module.


CAD Model for current or planned welding tasks.

The ROBO-MOD module is used to combine CAD components from imported CAD files with the kinematic modeling of robots which can be used for planning in ROBO-PLAN. Pre-manufactured robots can be altered and adapted to planning requirements or interchangeable components can be compiled for robot libraries.

Geometric modeling

  • Generation of geometric basic structures
  • Import of CAD models in ACIS, CATIA-, PROE- and STEP format

Kinematic modeling

  • Kinematic connection of components to a system layout
  • Placing of components within a cell
  • Allocation of degrees of freedom to a joint
  • Determination of axis-specific movements


  • 3-D shaded illustrations
  • Wire frame graphics
  • Combined shaded / wire frame graphics
  • Rotating, shifting and “zooming” in/out; using the mouse