QIROX® Optional PC software

Weld Data Manager (WDM)

  • Central data management of all power sources
  • Simplification and standardization of the data preparation of different welding power sources
  • Fast transfer of the changed welding parameters to all connected welding power sources

Process Data Monitoring (PDM)

  • Analysis and evaluation possibilities with electronic recording for robot controller, welding technology and component data
  • Administration of up to 32 robots
  • 2 power sources per robot are possible

Remote Service Manager (RSM)

  • Remote maintenance system
  • Errors can be analyzed via internet
  • Online software updates are possible

Offline programming system ROBO-PLAN

  • Offline program generation
  • No robot downtime during programming
  • Feasibility studies on new components

User Management System (UMS)

  • Protection against unauthorized access to the robot
  • Determination of authorization levels