Optional software for QIROX® Controller extension


  • Synchronized movement of two robot mechanics
  • Connection of the start/stop signals
  • Transfers the speed changes

Multi-layer welding

  • Fast and easy programming of the filling layers
  • Full functionality with external axes
  • The measurement values are transferred to the filling layers

Interpolation of the welding parameters

  • Continuous change of up to eight welding parameters linear to a weld seam length
  • Time savings in the programming phase
  • Good seam shape


  • Fast generation of a new shifted program
  • Integration of all robot axes in the transformation
  • Simple use

Center-point circle programming

  • Program routines run in parallel in the background
  • Savings in the programming phase
  • The sensor data can be easily transferred to the circles


  • Reducing the program runtimes
  • SPC (Storage Programmable Controller) substitute
  • A background routine runs independently of stop and emergency-off

Freely programmable weaving patterns

  • Welding of vertical-up welds and vertical-down welds
  • Control of the heat input
  • Better bridging of air gaps
  • Combination with the arc sensor at vertical-up welds

Point editor

  • Programming of new points on the display
  • Changing, copying and deleting points on the display
  • Enlarging and reducing the size of point structures

SOFTREF external axis

  • Unlimited rotations of an external axis in one direction
  • No backward rotation of the external axis