Additional Hardware Functions

Manual movement external axes MANAX

  • Easy loading and unloading
  • The robot system productivity increases
  • Tacking and processing with a single tool

Mechanical cleaning of the welding torch

  • Reduces downtimes
  • High service life of the welding components
  • Spray the inside of the welding torch and the gas shroud with releasing agent
  • No manual interventions
  • Also applicable for the Tandem torch

Outside cleaning of the gas shroud

  • The service life of the gas shroud is increased
  • Cleaner contact surface when using the tactile sensor

Wire cutter

  • Defined wire distance at the start of welding
  • No entangling of the wire during the mechanical torch cleaning

Air conditioning

  • Roof cooler for the control cabinet
  • Heating for the control cabinet

Communication interfaces

  • LAN connection for loading and storing the welding programs on a network infrastructure
  • ProfiBus interface for communication with host controllers

Storage media

  • Internal hard drive for multiplying the storage space
  • LAN interface for program storage on the company network