Cold Weld

By using a negative phase, targeted heat-placing control the COLD WELD Process allows for very low heat input. This “cold” arc welding provides optimum control of the welding process. The thermal loading of base material is reduced and the origin material characteristics remain nearly unchanged. Thus a high weld seam quality with a good gap bridging ability and increased weld speed can be achieved. The COLD WELD Process is mainly used for thin to medium plate thicknesses.

Technical Data Overlap weld Overlap weld with gap
Material CuSi3 CuSi3
Wire Ø, mm 1,2 1,2
Wire feed VD , m/min 4,5 4,5
Weld speed Vs, cm/min 80 80
Voltage U, V 16,5 16,0
Current I, A 132 135
Plate thickness, mm 1,0 / 1,0 1,0 / 1,0

Suitable power sources



  • Manual and automated welding
  • Thin plates


  • Minimum heat input
  • Optimum weld seam quality
  • Perfect control of the heat input


  • Steel
  • High-strength steel
  • Aluminum
  • Chrome nickel materials
  • Coated plates