9 Axis, Two Station CLOOS Robot System Welding Skidders


  • CLOOS Romat 360 welding robot with 9.0 meters (29.52 Ft.) of linear travel on a floor-mounted linear track
  • Positioning equipment consists of two synchronized motor driven head and tailstocks; one 2,250 Kg. (5,620 Lbs.) and one 1,019 Kg. (2,248 Lbs.)
  • One CLOOS Quinto pulsed arc power source
  • Multi-pass  tandem and single wire welding software to make programming of multi-pass welds more efficient
  • SD (Seam Data Monitoring) in the welding machine to eliminate rework by monitoring weld data of each seam while welding
  • Digital seam tracking that can be used with tandem or single wire without limitations
  • Touch sensing
  • Seamless integration of CLOOS only components