14 Axis CLOOS Robot System Welding Trailer Parts


  • CLOOS Romat 320 welding robot, with 2.0 meters (6.5 Ft.) of vertical travel and 3.0 meters (9.8 Ft.) of horizontal travel mounted to an overhead gantry that has 18.0 meters (59 Ft.) of linear travel
  • Two synchronized motor driven 5,098 Kg. (11,240 Lbs.) headstocks
  • Each headstocks has an additional synchronized motor driven vertical stroke to accommodate for various parts and differences in free turning radius’
  • One headstock is equipped with an additional motor to position various part lengths between 8.0 meters (26.24 Ft.) and 16.0 meters (52.50 Ft.)
  • CLOOS Quinto pulsed arc power source with a single wire welding torch
  • SD (Seam Data Monitoring) in the welding machine to eliminate rework by monitoring weld data of each seam while welding
  • Digital seam tracking that can be used with tandem or single wire without limitations
  • Touch sensing
  • The robot and all external axes are fully synchronized so that the part can be placed and the optimum position for welding is maintained
  • Pulsed arc welding machines to eliminate spatter