10 Axis CLOOS Robot System Welding Excavator Buckets and Sticks

• CLOOS Romat 310 welding robot with 4.0 meters (13.12 Ft.) of linear travel on a floor-mounted linear track, which also includes a rotational base to easily change the robot from one station to the other
• Positioning equipment consists of a synchronized motor driven 1,019 Kg. (2,248 Lbs.) head and tailstock. The tailstock is manually adjustable to accommodate for various parts and their different lengths from 2.5 meters (8.20 Ft.) to 4.0 meters (13.12 Ft.)
• Two CLOOS Quinto SD pulsed arc power sources to eliminate spatter
• Automated torch changer to allow quick change over from single to tandem wire welding equipment
• SD (Seam Data Monitoring) in the welding machine to eliminate rework by monitoring weld data of each seam while welding
• Digital seam tracking that can be used with tandem or single wire without limitations
• Touch sensing
• Program transformation and imaging to allow taking programs from one station and transferring them to the second station with out any reprogramming of parts